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Elements of accounting and financial analysis
We analyze the following key financial indicators to understand the company's stability, profitability, reliability, manageability and sustainability.
We provide free services, summary research, in-depth research, business report analysis, intensive training for individual companies, and investment advisory services. For each service
The explanation is as follows.
  1. Free service: Corporate moat analysis and financial analysis website
  2. Summary Research: A 30-page report on global wonderful companies
  3. In-depth research: 50~100 pages of report on global wonderful companies
  4. Business report analysis: Key matters and analysis of quarterly and annual reports of global wonderful companies
  5. Intensive education: Educational services on the economic moat, accounting and finance, intrinsic value, and reasonable price of a specific individual company
  6. Investment advisory: Advisory service on provision of various information on investment target companies and portfolio composition, etc.
Investment Advisory Service
Focom Asset Investments Co., Ltd. provides 3-year contract advisory service.
We propose the best portfolio according to the investment strategy of Focom's own global wonderful company and your investment tendency.
Investment strategy
Focom Asset Investments Co., Ltd. focuses on investing in global wonderful companies with excellent economic moats.
We aim to minimize the possibility of permanent principal loss and obtain compound benefits by accompanying a reliable company that will provide adequate profits.
Fee system
The fee consists of a basic fee paid at the time of the contract and a performance fee charged at the end of the contract according to the operational performance.
​1. The basic fee is 0.5% of the investment advisory amount.
2. The method of calculating the performance fee is as follows.
   ① Base rate of return = 7% per year
   ② Performance fee = [Total profit during the contract period-(Investment advisory amount × standard rate of return × contract period)] * ​​20%
   ③ Total profit for the contract period = gain or loss on valuation + gain or loss on disposal + dividend income
3. If the standard rate of return is not achieved by calculating the advisory performance annually, the basic fee for the following year is exempted. However, if the total profit for the contract period is achieved more than 21% after the expiration of the three-year consultation contract, the exempted basic fee will be collected. .
4. In case of intermediate termination, the advisory company will receive the basic fee for the remaining contract period.
5. Fees are subject to VAT, and fees are paid within 7 days from each contract date, contract expiration date, and contract termination date.
Service condition : 
1. Value investor expected to hold at least 3 years.
2. Minimum amount of investment advisory: US$ 100,000
3. Understanding about investment companies.
Our company provides research reports on global wonderful companies such as Maotai, Apple, Hermes, Nike, Hangseo Pharmaceuticals, Wuyangye, Concession, Louis Vuitton, Berkshire Hathaway, Disney, Alibaba, Tencent, and Peace Insurance.
​The research report consists of a summary report of around 30 pages and an in-depth report of about 50 to 100 pages, and describes corporate understanding and moat analysis, accounting and financial analysis, intrinsic value analysis, fair price analysis, and trading analysis.
Business report analysis
We provide quarterly, semiannual, and annual analysis reports on key items that have significant changes in intrinsic value among the business reports of global wonderful companies.
​Key matters with significant changes in intrinsic value include management, ongoing business status, facility investment progress, production and sales volume, product mix change, inventory management, distribution channels, sales unit price and margin, shareholder return policy, competitors And the like.
Intensive education
We provide 30, 50, and 100 hours of education services for global wonderful companies' business models, economic moat, accounting/financial analysis, intrinsic value analysis, fair price analysis, and trading analysis. During the training period, each industry expert can be invited to listen to in-depth lectures on the overall industry, product process, and comparative advantage with competitors.
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